Medical Tourism Process

Medical Tourism Process

-The Patient to send his/her Medical Reports to Zeyn Tourism

-Zeyn Tourism will submit the reports of behalf of the Patient to several specialized Hospitals in the same sector

-Zeyn Tourism will provide the Patient with the necessary information about the Medical Trip to Turkey. Such as the treatment/operation duration, costs and all the necessary information to be provided to the Patient

-Zeyn Tourism will arrange a suitable furnished apartment for the Patient and his family

-Zeyn Tourism will meet the Patient and his family and drop them off to their resident place

-Zeyn Tourism to appoint a translator to be with the Patient during his hospital visits

-Zeyn Tourism to arrange the pick up and drop off service to the patient and his famil from/to Resident place to the Hospital

-If necessary to reside in Turkey for than the visa duration, Zeyn Tourism will apply on behalf of the Patient a Resident permit in Turkey

-It is upon the patient/patient’s Family to arrange tours in/out Istanbul during the medication period

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